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    Teachers awareness and attitudes about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in Hebron Governorate.
    (Al-Quds University, 2022-12-20) Aseel Bassam mohammed Jibarah; اسيل بسام محمد جبارة
    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder with a prevalence of 1.5% to 7.2% worldwide. The child with ADHD might experiences symptoms that alter behaviors, and the child becomes hyperactive, hostile, overexcited, impulsive, and inattentive. They could have a short fuse and act out in fits of rage when provoked. They also will lack the maturity of social skills and adaptability. Children with ADHD face unique difficulties in the areas of social and peer interactions, regulation of impulsive behavior and verbal expression, as well as difficulty in keeping on certain tasks and focusing attention. Teachers have a vital role in identifying and supporting children with ADHD in the school settings particularly in the classroom. Teachers can better understand the children needs for attention and behavioral support in the classroom if they engage in frequent, and one-on-one conversations with each student throughout the school day. Aim: The study aimed to determine the level of knowledge and attitudes of elementary school teachers toward ADHD in Hebron governorate. Methodology: A descriptive cross-sectional study design was conducted in 2022, with a sample of 160 teachers that were conveniently recruited for this study. Data was collected by a self-administered questionnaire, that was distributed to the elementary school teachers in Hebron governorate. The questionnaire included personal information of the teachers; in addition to questions about knowledge and attitude of the school educators concerning ADHD among elementary school children in Palestine. Results: The average knowledge of the respondents about ADHD was 84.25 % of the sample size. In regard to the teacher’s knowledge about the Signs and symptoms of ADHD, 71% of them have high level of knowledge. Results showed that 61% of the school educators have high level of knowledge regarding general information related to ADHD. Moreover, 82% of the sample size have high level knowledge regarding treatment of ADHD. However, the teacher’s attitude toward ADHD among children was low in which 49.8% of teachers have negative attitude toward the disorder. Results indicated a relationship between the knowledge and attitude of teachers about children with hyperactivity disorder and ADHD, as the value of statistical significance was (.003). Conclusion: The findings show that teacher’s knowledge of ADHD was not only competent, but much higher than that found in previous studies. In general, attitudes have a pessimistic outlook on working with children who have signs of ADHD. However, teachers who have gotten training on ADHD showed more positive attitudes and in-depth knowledge toward children with ADHD than those teachers who did not got a specialized training. The teacher’s age, years of experience, training, and knowledge, all served as significant predictors of the level of teacher’s knowledge.
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    Quality of Life among pregnant women with Gestational Diabetes in the antenatal health care centers at West Bank/ Palestine
    (Al-Quds University, 2023-03-21) Rania Yousef Jameel Khalil; رانية يوسف جميل خليل
    Overview: Gestational diabetes (GDM) is a condition that affects women during pregnancy and can have a significant impact on the quality of life of the woman and her family. GDM can lead to health complications for the mother and the baby, including a higher risk of pre-term birth and cesarean delivery. It can also affect the mental and emotional well-being of the woman. Therefore, it is important to address the potential risks of GDM and to assess the quality of life of women with GDM in antenatal care clinics. The study aimed to assess the quality of life among women with gestational diabetes in governmental antenatal care clinics in West Bank/ Palestine. Methodology: This study is a cross-sectional design, and the study sample includes the pregnant women with gestational diabetes who receive medical care from the high-risk antenatal care clinics in the main cities of West Bank districts. The sample type was a convenience sample that was previously screened and diagnosed according to the current diagnostic criteria for gestational diabetes. Self-administered questionnaire was used to collect the data, and researcher was able to collect 170 questionnaires within pilot study. Statistical Package of Social Science (SPSS- version 25) program for data entry and analysis and the researcher received approval letters from Research Ethics Committee. Results: Results of this study showed that, the average age among the participants was 31.3 years and about half of them had completed secondary school. However, most of them live in rural areas (62.4%), while most of the participants are housewives (80.1%). The participants' overall QoL in the current study was 18.0 out of 30. Of the remaining domains, the highest scores were obtained in the family domain (23.5±4.9), followed by the psychological/spiritual domain 20.8±6.2) and the social and economic domain (18.3±4.2). The score in the Health and Functioning domain was the lowest (14.5±5.1). The statistical test showed that there are statistically significant differences between the mean quality of life scores and both education and job levels (P 0.05). The high average of working women was higher than that of unemployed women. However, there was no significant difference between the mean of the quality of life and the resident area (P > 0.05). The Pearson Correlation illustrated that there was a negative relationship between the quality-of-life score of the pregnant women and both age and number of children (P<0.05). The results detected that there was a negative relationship between the quality-of-life score of the pregnant women and the number of pregnancies, OGTT, and FBS (P<0.05). Conclusion: Quality of life among women with gestational diabetes in governmental antenatal care clinics in West Bank/ Palestine was moderate. The results showed that there is an association between QoL among women with GDM and education and job levels. Also, a negative association between the quality-of-life score of pregnant women and both age and number of children. Recommendation: Develop awareness-raising programs to enhance women's knowledge regarding the promotion of their health concerning gestational diabetes and design guidelines and future research to evaluate the effectiveness of lifestyle interventions for GDM management.
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    Knowledge and Practice Regarding Neonatal Jaundice among Mothers of Neonates Admitted to Governmental Hospitals in Gaza Strip
    (Al-Quds University, 2023-01-10) حنين عبد الرحمن اسماعيل ابو شوارب; Haneen Abdrahman Ismail Abu Shawareb
    المقدمة: اليرقان المواليد: هو تغير لون الجلد إلى الأصفر والبرتقالي والصلبة ناتجة عن تراكم البيليروبين في الجلد والأغشية المخاطية ، ويعتبر سببًا شائعًا لدخول حديثي الولادة إلى مرافق الرعاية الصحية حول العالم ، ويعتبر اليرقان سببًا مهمًا لحديثي الولادة معدل الوفيات والمراضة والعجز مدى الحياة للناجين ويؤثر على 60٪ من الخدج و 80٪. تعتبر معرفة الأم وممارساتها مهمة للتشخيص المبكر لـيرقان المواليد بحلول ذلك الوقت، يمكن للأم تحديد أن الطفل المصاب باليرقان يعاني من مضاعفات خطيرة وأحيانًا يمكن أن يكون قاتلاً. الهدف من الدراسة هو تقييم المعرفة والممارسة فيما يتعلق باليرقان الوليدي بين الأمهات اللائي تم قبولهن في قسم طب الولدان في المستشفيات الحكومية في قطاع غزة. منهجية الدراسة: هي دراسة مقطعية وصفية وكمية. تكونت العينة من 305 أمهات تم اختيارهن بشكل مناسب وتوزيعهن بالتساوي على أقسام حديثي الولادة بمستشفى الرنتيسي للأطفال ومستشفى شهداء الأقصى ومستشفى مجمع ناصر الطبي ومستشفى الهلال الإماراتي للولادة. تم إنشاء استبيان وجمع البيانات من خلال استبيان المقابلات وجهاً لوجه. قامت الباحثة بتدريب أربعة جامعي بيانات مؤهلين لقام الباحث بتوضيح وتدريبهم على الدراسة. النتائج: أظهرت معرفة الأم حول اليرقان الوليدي أن 3.3٪ من المشاركات لديهن معرفة عالية باليرقان الوليدي بينما 17.1٪ لديهم مستويات معتدلة و 79.6٪ منهم لديهم مستوى منخفض من معرفة الأم حول اليرقان الوليدي ، ممارسات الأمهات فيما يتعلق باليرقان الوليدي أظهرت النتائج أن 1.6٪ من المشاركات لديهن ممارسة عالية للأمهات حول اليرقان الوليدي ، في حين أن 19.7٪ منهن لديهن مستويات معتدلة و 78.7٪ منهن لديهن مستوى منخفض من ممارسات الأمهات حول اليرقان الوليدي ، وأظهرت الدراسة عدم وجود العلاقة المتبادلة بين معرفة الأمهات حول اليرقان الوليدي وممارسات الأمهات حول اليرقان الوليدي (P> 0.05). الاستنتاج والتوصيات: غالبية الأمهات لديهن مستوى منخفض من المعرفة والممارسة فيما يتعلق باليرقان الوليدي بالإضافة إلى عدم وجود دلالة إحصائية بين معرفة وممارسة الأمهات. اقترح الباحث تقديم تعليم للأمهات حول التعامل الفعال مع الأطفال والأسرة وتمكينهم من اكتشاف علامات اليرقان في الأسبوع الأول من الحياة. وإشراك وسائل الإعلام الإلكترونية في زيادة وعي الأمهات باليرقان الوليدي.
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    Health Care Providers’ Knowledge, Practice and Barriers to Newborn and Mother Skin-to-Skin Contact in Gaza Strip, Palestine
    (Al-Quds University, 2022-11-26) Yasmin Ismail Abed Alqader Alhabil; ياسمين إسماعيل عبد القادر الهبيل
    Mother-infant skin-to-skin contact (SSC) is placing infant directly on mothers' chest or abdomen immediately after delivery early and should be continuous at least 60 minutes. (SSC) have many benefits for mother and newborn due to stabilization of newborns' temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate and blood glucose level, as well as decrease postpartum hemorrhage and increase oxytocin level for mother. SSC started in Gaza strip since 2017 but faced many challenges and barriers. This study aimed to identify health care providers' (HCP) knowledge, practice and barriers to newborn and mother skin-to-skin contact. The study used descriptive, analytical and cross-sectional design and targeted the health care providers who work at four governmental maternity hospital (Shifa, Tahreer, Aqsa and Emarati). The sample consisted of 267 HCPs (midwives who work in labor rooms were 62, obstetricians 153 and pediatricians 52). The study used self-constructed and administered questionnaire that content validity was done by 7 experts and the reliability of the tool was high as Cronbach alpha was 0.84. Data Analysis was performed using SPSS version 25. The result showed that 35.2% study participants were from Al-Shifa hospital, 28.5% were from Al-Threer, 18,4% were from Al-Aqsa hospital, and 18% were from Al-Emaratee hospital, also 23.2% were midwives, 57.3% were obstetricians, and 19.5% were pediatricians, in addition to 45.3% have an experience less than five years, 14.2% have an experience of 15 years and more. HCPs had very good knowledge about SSC with mean percent 82%, and good practice with mean percent 72%, while 86.1% had training on Early Essential Newborn Care (EENC) and SSC. Midwives had the best practice among HCPs with mean 3.197, also training and work place recorded statically significant relationship with knowledge and practice Main barriers respectively were lack of mothers' awareness, lack of social support and motivation and lack of privacy. According to the result of this study HCPs were not committed to non-urgent separation policy of newborns and thus they need more training on this policy. The study recommended to increase mothers' awareness about the importance of SSC through antenatal visits, maintain privacy, and to decrease the barriers of SSC at the maternity hospitals.
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    Maternal Satisfaction Level with Delivery Services And Associated Factors At Non-Govermental Hebron Hospitals
    (Al-Quds University, 2023-01-09) Ala' Imad Mohammad Eid; الاء عماد محمد عيد
    يعتبر رضا الأمهات مؤشرا ومعيارا مهما لتقييم الرعاية الصحية وجودة الرعاية التمريضية. يعد تقييم الرضا عن خدمات رعاية الأمومة أمرًا ضروريًا ويلعب دورًا مهمًا في الاستخدام المستقبلي لخدمة الرعاية الصحية. علاوة على ذلك، يمكن تقييم رعاية التوليد على أنها آمنة ومحترمة وميسورة التكلفة عندما يفهم مقدمو الرعاية منظور المرأة واحتياجاتها أثناء الولادة وعندما يعالجونها كجزء من برنامج تحسين الجودة. الهدف من الدراسة. معرفة مدى رضا الأمهات بعد الولادة عن خدمات الرعاية المقدمة للأم بعد الولادة في مستشفيات الخليل الغير حكومية. الطريقة المستخدمة في الدراسة. تم استخدام البحث الكمي / المقطعي في ثلاثة مستشفيات غير حكومية في الخليل ، فلسطين. تم اختيار عينة بحث مكونة من 250 من الأمهات بعد الولادة للدراسة بشكل ملائم مع استخدام استبيان منظم. تم تحليل وتفسير النتائج بمساعدة الإحصاء الوصفي والاستنتاجي. نتائج الدراسة. بينت الدراسة أن (50.8٪) من الأمهات راضيات عن خدمة الولادة بينما (49.2٪) غير راضيات. لقد أبدت الأمهات ارتياحًا كبيرًا تجاه الجوانب المتعلقة بالمهنيين الصحيين، والرعاية التمريضية في المخاض، والمعلومات والمشاركة في صنع القرار، ورعاية ما بعد الولادة ، وغرف المستشفيات، ومرافق المستشفى، واحترام الخصوصية وتلبية التوقعات الافتراضية. من ناحية أخرى ، كانت الأمهات أقل رضا تجاه جوانب الراحة والالتقاء بالطفل. لم يكن هناك ارتباط ذي دلالة إحصائية بين الخصائص الاجتماعية والديموغرافية ورضا الأمهات. فيما يتعلق بالخصائص التوليدية للأمهات ، فقد زاد رضا الأمهات بالزيارة المنتظمة لعيادات الرعاية السابقة للولادة. استنتاج. فقط نصف الأمهات كن راضيات عن خدمة التوصيل. يحتاج مقدمو الرعاية الصحية إلى فهم كامل لاحتياجات الأمهات.