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    سيميائية شخصية البطل في رواية القوقعة
    (Al-Quds University, Deanship of Scientific Research, 2022-05-11) منار سميح قراقع; زين العابدين العواودة
    الخلفية: تنبع خلفية الدراسة في تحليل وقراءة شخصيات رواية القوقعة وإبراز علامات حضورها على مستوى اشتغال النص في بنيته العميقة والسطحية، وارتباط الشخصية بوظائفها السردية ودراسة أفعالها وسلوكياتها ضمن البنية المكانية في الرواية ،إن مفهوم القوقعة يدرس أيضا الجانب الوطني ورفض الظلم والاستبداد وانفعالية الشخصيات وإبراز مواقفها على مستوى داخلي وخارجي
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    World War Zionism: A Necropolitical Study of the Jews in World War Z, State of Exception, and the Two Stages of Death
    (Al-Quds University, Deanship of Scientific Research, 2022-05-11) Zeina Ali Hasan; Jamil Khader
    Background: Critics tackle how zombie literature, in general, portrays refugees, reflecting political anxieties, fears of elimination, and contagion. They also focus on analyzing the depiction of Palestinians in the World War Z’ movie and novel. However, none of the critics address the representation of the intra-ethnic Jewish conflict within the novel. By portraying the Palestinian community as unified with the Israeli one in the New State of Unified Palestine, Max Brooks manages to undermine the socio-political dimensions of the Palestinian struggle as well as the anti-Semite dimensions of Zionism.
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    Six Passengers
    (Al-Quds University, Deanship of Scientific Research, 2022-05-11) Tala Salem; Laura Menchaca Ruiz
    Objectives: My project illustrates the struggles of Palestinian students caused by the Israeli occupation. Palestinian students in every Palestinian university are affected by the Israeli occupation during their educational journey. The struggle never ends, and no matter how small it may seem at times, it exists and it builds up over time in the student’s life. My project aims to portray this to my target audience, which is everyone, Palestinians and foreigners, to tell a story and to inspire, to archive and to resist.
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    Assessing the Level of Efficiency of Translating Intertextuality in Mahmoud Darwish's Poetry: A Translation from Arabic to English
    (Al-Quds University, Deanship of Scientific Research, 2022-05-11) Sondus Abu Rayyan; Shoroq Irjan; Taleen Rahil
    Background: Translators constantly face the problem of preserving meanings when translating any text, let alone a text filled with intertextual references and underlying messages. This is because the process of translation is not only translating a text into another but also a process of translating cultures and religions and a process of decontextualization and recontextualization.