Biotechnology for conservation of palestinian medicinal plants

Alkowni, Raed
Sawalha, Khaled
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Many plants of Palestinian flora are facing the risk of endanger, due to agricultural practices, environmental threats and consumption changes. In the absence of National program to conserve the Palestinian heritage of plant diversity, a tentative research work aimed in trial usage of available biotechnology’s methods for conserving several popular plants of medical, cultural and economical importance's. Tissue culturing of anise (Pimipnella anisum), sage (Salvia palestina), fenugreek (Trigonella sps), wild peppermint (Mentha spicita L.) and akoub (Gandelia tournefortii); using MS-media with specific plant growth regulators were successfully applied. Protocols for enhancing callus culturing, organogenesis and micropropagation of these tentatively threatened wild plants were developed and optimized in this research work. Based on the successfulness of propagation in vitro of these plants, a call for establishment of a Palestinian germplasm collection to conserve the Flora Palestina had been reported.
Applied biotechnology , In-vitro conservation , Medicinal Plants , micropropagation , Biodiversity