Dual-study electrical engineering at Al-Quds University in Palestine

Odeh, Salaheddin
Ishaq, Isam
Abdel Nour, Hanna
Abu Leil, Tarek
Dhaher, Omar
Manthey, Manfred
Dröge, Karl-Heinz
Freimann, Kirsten
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Dual studies was launched at Al-Quds University in 2015, which is aimed at contributing to raising the professional level of Palestinian youth, providing good job opportunities for students after graduation, as well as bridging the gap between the outputs of academic education and the needs and requirements of the Palestinian labor market. One major ingredient of Dual Studies is the Electrical Engineering program, which equips the student with both theory and practice at the same time. During the four years of studying in this program, the student spends half of his/her time in partner companies that are interested in employing electrical engineers. The full-time employment after graduation represents one of the major success indicators of DSEE that would be possible to assess when the first DSEE cohort will graduate and finish their study after two years.
Dual Studies , Electrical Engineering , Work-based Learning , Co-operative Education , Training , Employment , Companies