Attitudes toward Using Audiovisual Aids among EFL High Basic School Teachers in Hebron

Abeer Mohammed Abd-Alkareem Jawabreh
عبير محمد عبد الكريم جوابرة
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Al-Quds University
This study aimed to investigate teachers’ attitude toward using audiovisual aids while teaching EFL classes to high basic school students in Hebron. The researcher used descriptive method because it is appropriate to achieve this aim. Population of the study consists of (501) male and female EFL teachers in high primary schools in Hebron (southern and northern and middle of Hebron). The study was conducted on a random sample consists of (140) teachers with a percentage of (28%). Two instruments were conducted for the study purposes, a 35-item questionnaire, and an interview of six questions was exposed on 15 teachers from the study sample, validity of the instruments were checked by exposing them to a group of qualified educational arbitrators. Reliability of the questionnaire was calculated using reliability co-efficient equation Cronbach alpha. Results of the study showed that the attitudes toward using audiovisual aids among EFL high basic school teachers in Hebron are High, with a mean score of (4.13) and a standard deviation of (0.441). Results showed that EFL teachers in Hebron use Audiovisual aids while teaching and that they like to use them. The results clarified that teachers are aware of the importance of using audiovisual aids and its effect on students and English class in general, and that appeared on their answers on the questionnaire items. They also showed that there are no apparent significance differences for EFL teachers’ attitudes toward using audiovisual aids while teaching due to Gender and years of experience, while there are apparent significance differences due to qualification In addition, results showed that teachers use mostly pictures and audio records for listening exercises and audiovisual aids like LCD projector that allows improving more than one skill at the same time. Depends on the results, the researcher recommends the curriculum designers to insert audiovisual aids in English book activities, and to train teachers to use them effectively