Lead Inclusive Education in Higher Education: Challenges and Opportunities

Salha, Mohammad Omran
Albadawi, Bushra
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The implementation of inclusive education principles in the higher education system is highly challenging these days. Inclusive education has been established initially for the younger school-going students when the number of students with disabilities is found to be high that want to continue their studies, so the inclusive education practices move within higher education. This article aims to explore the the leading and services to support inclusive education in the Palestinian Universities or higher education levels. An electronic search of the related literature was carried out. PubMed, MEDLINE, Google Scholar, Science Direct Research Gatedatabases were used to conduct this digital research study until 2021. It has been found that the policies, strategies should be revised for inclusive education, as well as the students must be able to participate fully.
Inclusion , higher- education , disable students , inclusive education , disability , challenges , opportunities , special education