CD5 blockade enhances ex vivo CD8+ T cell activation and tumour cell cytotoxicity

Alotaibi, Faizah
Rytelewski, Mateusz
Figueredo, Rene
Zareardalan, Ronak
Zhang, Meng
Ferguson, Peter J
Vareki, Saman Maleki
Najajreh, Yousef
El-Hajjar, Mikal
Zheng, Xiufen
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CD5 is expressed on T cells and a subset of B cells (B1a). It can attenuate TCR signalling and impair CTL activation and is a therapeutic targetable tumour antigen expressed on leukemic T and B cells. However, the potential therapeutic effect of functionally blocking CD5 to increase T cell anti‐tumour activity against tumours (including solid tumours) has not been explored. CD5 knockout mice show increased anti‐tumour immunity: reducing CD5 on CTLs may be therapeutically beneficial to enhance the anti‐tumour response. Here, we show that ex vivo administration of a function‐blocking anti‐CD5 MAb to primary mouse CTLs of both tumour‐naïve mice and mice bearing murine 4T1 breast tumour homografts enhanced their capacity to respond to activation by treatment with anti‐CD3/anti‐CD28 MAbs or 4T1 tumour cell lysates. Furthermore, it enhanced TCR signalling (ERK activation) and increased markers of T cell activation, including proliferation, CD69 levels, IFN‐γ production, apoptosis and Fas receptor and Fas ligand levels. Finally, CD5 function‐blocking MAb treatment enhanced the capacity of CD8+ T cells to kill 4T1‐mouse tumour cells in an ex vivo assay. These data support the potential of blockade of CD5 function to enhance T cell‐mediated anti‐tumour immunity.