Smart System to Avoid Car Accidents

Saffarini, Muhammed
Saffarini, Rasha
Ishaq, Isam
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Car accidents have different reasons, they are either caused by external (outside the car) or internal factors (inside the car). Accidents due to external reasons occur because of environmental reasons such as obstructed vision of the driver due to fog or bad road conditions. Internal factors include decreased amount of Oxygen, and in turn increase the amount of carbon dioxide, driver sleep, humidity and temperature ratio between outside and inside the car, which cause condensation on the front windshield which limits the vision of the driver. To avoid car accidents, one should minimize both external as well as internal accident reasons. In this paper, a system consisting of two parts is proposed to monitor the external and internal driving conditions. The first one focuses on external accident conditions, which monitors the road and notifies the driver about any problem in front of him and take action to avoid it, by reducing their speed, increase the lights of the car, or by using smart bumps that come out when needed (the risk of sliding for example) to enforce the driver to drive slowly and carefully. These smart bumps are needed also when the sensors detect that the driver feels sleepy. Activating them will reduce the probability of an accident. Additionally, if the humidity and temperature of the environments increased over a specified range, fans are activated to cool down the temperature inside the car. The other system works inside the car. If the air conditions pose a danger on the driver (the temperature, or CO2 increased for example), the system takes an action by starting the air condition or opening the windows to balance the temperature or CO2 ratios. The system will be applied by using sensors to measure factors inside and outside the car, which in turn tells the cars what to do by the interaction between both systems via the internet.
IoT , Computer Vision , Sleepy Driver , Smart Car System , Smart Road System , Raspberry PI , Arduino