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    الإضافات والتشوهات البصرية الخارجية على المباني التاريخية حالة دراسية: البلدة القديمة في مدينة رام الله – فلسطين
    (Al-Quds University, 2019-11-19) دعد عدنان محمد صيرفي; Daad Adnan Mohammad Sairafi
    The Historical Buildings (HBs) are considered as a reflection of the community’s identity in general and the Palestinian one in particular, which in its turn formulates models of the community’s cultural heritage that has been passed down by generations for centuries. In the context of current Palestinian circumstances, we have to ensure the transmission of this identity over generations without losing its values. To do so, the HBs should be inhabited by the Palestinians, and such HBs might be subjected to many interventions and additions to meet the local residents’ contemporary needs for additional space and facilities. As a result of occupying HBs with all expansions implemented in an arbitrary manner without giving attention to the value of HBs and their surroundings, we will end up with the loss of this architectural heritage. In the absence of awareness of the negative impact of additions and visual distortions on HBs, the sense of harmony in the Historical Old Towns (HOTs) in Palestine has gradually been lost. The HOT in Ramallah is the most obvious example where (HBs) are exposed to that problem due to the urban expansion of the city during the last two decades, and thus, I chose Ramallah HOT as a case study for my thesis. The current thesis started with a brief introduction regarding the historical and urban development of Ramallah HOT, then it described the architectural styles of its HBs to demonstrate the value of its historical fabric with all its components. A general review was made as well, identifying the problems of the HBs in Ramallah, most prominent of which is additions and visual distortions. Moreover, reasons for such additions were specified and classified according to locations and designs’ style applying (as built) maps. During this study, a research was conducted to identify the recent additions and their visual distortion on HBs and the treatment methods aiming at the reduction of negative impacts on historical environment, based on international conventions as well as local legislations. A brief analysis to international and local similar cases was conducted to extract solutions related to the thesis problem. The thesis provided the analysis for two facades of the Municipal Street which is considered as a transitional area (sort of a Buffer zone) between the historic fabric and new urban expansion of the city, noting that it contains a number of HBs that have been subjected to additions and visual distortion of different shapes which was noted on panoramic photos and elevation drawings. The thesis proposed a group of solutions with drawings to avoid visual distortion in Ramallah HBs. The thesis concluded that the HOT in Ramallah in general, and the Municipal Street buildings in particular, have been subjected to arbitrary construction additions and visual distortions that have adversely affected their historical and cultural values, such negative consequences can be minimized through respecting and totally abiding to international cultural heritage conventions as well as local legislations.
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    التطور العمراني لبلدة سنجل دراسة اثرية تاريخة ومعمارية
    (جامعة القدس, 2014-03-26) صالح علي طوافشة; Saleh Ali Tawafsheh
    The aims of this study are to knowing the nature of Sinjel Town and studying its architectural development through historical eras and trying to understand all the changes took place in it. The researcher depended on analytics descriptive style in his study which includes outdoors work ranging from drawing, photography, surveys, vocal interviews and office work. Sinjel is considered one of the most important town on the separating line between the north and south of Palestine, it supervises on the way between Nablus and Jerusalem, it forms a central link in discovering and finding the population development on that way especially in the era of wars especially the crusader wars. However it didn’t take its chance in studies ever the less of its military importance because of its strategic site. This study focuses on the architectural development in sinjle since it started with a historical study about settling in the area from the early ages. The study focuses on the importance of the site, climate, land escape, economy, population fountains and what travelers said and a detailed historical surveys which showed the presence of people that represented the historical development of the area. It also goes through the architectural development in the Ottoman period which is core of the study from the planning, and division of the streets and arches, ways and styles of buildings, through the study of different styles and patterns of architectural elements .It includes a detailed description supported with pictures, architectural designs, documents and illustrative sketches. In order to support the basic information I had to go through the most distinguished building techniques used in that time , the supplies and where they came from , and then about tools and materials used, then about the development of architectural elements which formed the buildings and their front parts with analysis classification and comparison. There is preface focuses on the importance of the study, its causes, aims, hypothesis, strategies and organization, In a scientific attempt aims to support one of the most important This study improved that settlement in Sinjel started in Early Bronze age and continued to Ottoman period. For the future I recommend the researchers to make a comprehensive study and scientific excavation for archeological sites and the old town
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    البيرة في الفترة الصليبية دراسة أثرية معمارية
    (AL-Quds University, 2000-01-10) عوني محمد محسن محليس; Awni Muhammad Mohsen Mahlees; د. مروان أبو خلف; د. صلاح الهودلية; د. نظمي الجعبة
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    العمارة السكنية التقليدية في جنين العثمانية (نظام الحوش )
    (AL-Quds University, 2000-05-10) ميرفت محمد عبد الرحيم عياش; MIrvat Mohammad Abdul-Rahim Ayyash; نظمي الجعبة; لا يوجد
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    مساجد مدينة الخليل في العصر المملوكي
    (AL-Quds University, 1998-09-10) مريم محمد محمود شاهين; Mariam shaheen; مروان ابو خلف; لا يوجد; معين صادق