reneable energy laws and policies in Palestine

Ali Mustaffa Mohammed Arouri
علي مصطفى محمد عروري
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Al-Quds University
The energy issue is an important indicator of the progress and independence of nations, as the world lives these days in a race for energy productivity. For years, the world has turned to renewable energy, as governments have contributed significantly to stimulating investment in renewable energy. Many countries have enacted laws that have brought in large investments in this area and have worked to raise their productivity in alternative energy. We here in Palestine suffer from the control and control of the (Israeli) side of the energy, so that 87% of the electricity consumed in Palestine comes from the Israeli-Qataria company. Therefore, we had to turn to a kind of autonomy in producing energy so that we can get out of this control and this control. In this research, i reviewed the laws of certain countries in the field of renewable energy and also reviewed the volume of investments in this field they have and the extent of their influence on laws and regulations, especially in the case of the Kingdom of Jordan. On the other hand, we review the aspects and policies related to renewable energy in Palestine and the size of investment in the field of renewable energy to produce results that show the importance of laws and facilities in raising the productivity of alternative energy. I also reviewed in the end a set of recommendations that would contribute to looking at the matter well and drawing the attention of the competent authorities.