Reflecting across Borders Palestinian and US Early Childhood Educators Engage in Collaborative Science Inquiry

Escamilla, Isauro M.
Khales, Buad
Meier, Daniel R.
Melgoza, Martha
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Emerging technologies are making international communication, and thus international collaboration, increasingly feasible. Still, barriers of language, culture, and time zone complicate such projects. By sharing the experiences of Palestinian and US early childhood educators involved in a joint project aimed at promoting meaningful early science teaching and learning, this article provides the rationale for undertaking such work and strategies for making such projects fruitful. “Reflecting across Borders” will be of interest to educators not in a position to currently undertake an international collaboration, as well. From a professional development perspective, it is important to note how the levels of reflection of those involved in this project—individual teachers, local groups, and the entire research team—amplified the learning power of the work. Such reflection can be replicated between two schools (or even two classrooms). From a teacher advocacy perspective, the power of teacher research to make visible (or audible) teachers’ voices and expertise is clear. And from a teacher researcher perspective, “Reflecting across Borders” is an exemplary piece of work, one that should be included on the syllabuses of every teacher research course.