Social Support, Quality of Services, and Job Satisfaction: Empirical Evidence from Palestinian Social Workers

Safadi, Najwa Sado
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Oxford University Press (OUP)
This study examines the predictors of job satisfaction among public sector social workers in occupied Palestinian territories. Using a quantitative design, data were collected in summer of 2016 through a paper-based, self-administered questionnaire (N = 237).Using hierarchical multiple regression, the three models explained 15 percent to 32 percent of the variance in job satisfaction. In the final model, coefficient indicated that monthly income, contract work status, service orientation, and supervisory support are related to job satisfaction. Respondents with more children and lower salaries showed lower levels of job satisfaction. Respondents who are working as temporary contract workers, who have positive attitudes toward the social work profession, and who have positive attitudes toward supervisory support are more likely to be satisfied with their job. Implications for administrative practice and policy are presented.
job satisfaction , Palestine , service effectiveness , service orientation , social support