Stress-induced Cognitive Assessment among University Students during the Pandemic of Corona (COVID 19)

Rimawi, Omar
Kononenko, Oksana
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SSRG International Journal of Humanities and Social Science
This study aimed at identifying the level of stressinduced cognitive assessment among university students during the pandemic of Corona (COVID-19. The sample of the study consisted of 91 male and female students at Odessa Governmental University who were selected using the available method where the stressinduced cognitive scale was sent to the students by emails. Based on the result of the current study, it seems that the mean of the overall score for the stress-induced cognitive assessment was moderate, and the highest mean was in favor of the field of extreme thought compared to other fields. The findings also revealed differences due to marital status in favor of single students. There were no differences due to gender, although there were differences in the academic level in favor of second-year students relative to other-years students.
Stress , induced Cognitive , Students , Pandemic of Corona