The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Academic Achievement of Al- Quds University Students

Rimawi, Omar
Banat, Bassam
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International Humanities Studies
The present study aimed at identifying the impact of emotional intelligence on academic achievement among Al-Quds University students. The study used a prospective sampling survey design. A sample size of (370) students at Al-Quds University participated in the study. Emotional intelligence was measured using the adapted version of a 33-item questionnaire. The grade point average score in the university was used to measure academic achievement. Data were statistically analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). The study revealed that a percentage of (75.2%) of the sample being emotionally intelligent. The results demonstrated statistically significant differences in the emotional intelligence scores among the students according to their gender, religion, and place of residence. Emotional intelligence emerged as a significant predictor of academic achievement.
Emotional intelligence , Al-Quds University , academic achievement