Improving Irrigation by Using a Cloud Based IoT System

Assaf, Rasha
Ishaq, Isam
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Palestine is a fertile country, and the agriculture system is a significant part of its economy. In Palestine, farming depends on rainfall, however, the rainfall amount has been decreasing over the years and springs are drying out. Therefore, the irrigation system is considered one of the most used systems in the agriculture field. However, there are many factors that should be taken into consideration to control the right amount of water that should be provided to the plant when using the irrigation system, like the soil type, the fertility of the soil, the moisture level, humidity, and temperature of the soil. Our proposed irrigation system takes into account those factors to automate the amount of water dispensed to the plants. The project employs a microcontroller module (ESP8266) which connects the system to the internet by WiFi. This module controls two relays for supplying water to the field, and triggers the fans based on the information obtained from the soil moisture and temperature humidity sensor. This entire system is monitored and controlled by a Blynk server.
Internet of Things , soil moisture sensor , IoT in agriculture , irrigation system