Building embedded applications via REST services for the Internet of Things

Van den Abeele, Floris
Hoebeke, Jeroen
Ishaq, Isam
Teklemariam, Girum K
Rossey, Jen
Moerman, Ingrid
Demeester, Piet
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Association for Computing Machinery
As embedded networks are evolving to open systems, it’s be- coming possible to create new applications on top of these existing embedded systems. However, developing new appli- cations can be difficult due to the large diversity of protocols that exist today. In this paper, the authors demonstrate how employing the CoAP protocol can enable rapid application development by re-using well-known principles from the Web development world. Furthermore, we also demonstrate how a number of extensions to CoAP help to lower the barrier for developing applications even further.
Internet of Things , CoAP , REST services
Van den Abeele, Floris, Jeroen Hoebeke, Isam Ishaq, Girum K. Teklemariam, Jen Rossey, Ingrid Moerman, and Piet Demeester. "Building embedded applications via REST services for the Internet of Things." In Proceedings of the 11th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems, p. 82. ACM, 2013.