Effectiveness of Educational Intervention on Physical Activity-Related Knowledge among High School Students in Southern Rural Palestinian Community, in 2012

Ghrayeb, Farid A.W.
Rusli, A. Mohamed
Al Rifai, Ayesha
Ismail, I. Mohd
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IDOSI Publications
Low Physical activity during adolescence is recognized as a key public health concern. School-based interventions are thought to be the most globally applicable and effective way to counteract levels of physical inactivity and sedentary behavior. This study aimed to investigate the effects of an eight-week school-based teaching intervention to promote physical activity through increasing the physical activity-related knowledge of high school students in Palestinian national high schools in 2012. Baseline and 3 months post-test data from the Health Knowledge Inventory Survey (HKI) were analyzed for group differences through independent t tests and for improvement over time via repeated measures ANOVA. The findings indicated no significant differences between the groups in terms of mean physical activity knowledge scores (P = 0.059) before the intervention. There was a significant difference (P < 0.001) in mean knowledge scores between the intervention and control schools 3 month after intervention follow-up and there was a significant difference in term of gender [male (p=0.028) and female (p=0.007)] and stream of education track (Scientific and non-scientific) in the intervention schools. Whereas significant difference for control group (p<0.001) was found solely between scientific and non-scientific stream students. Media and internet were the two most common sources of physical activity-related knowledge. The evidence suggests the effectiveness of school-based physical activity interventions, given the positive effects on physical activity knowledge. Schools are a suitable setting for the promotion of healthy lifestyles. Additional research on the long-term impact of these interventions is needed.
Interventions , Physical Activity , Knowledge , School-Based , Palestine