Social Responsibility of Palestinian Telecommunication Company "Jawwal"

Ruba Marwan Al-Barghouthi
ربى مروان البرغوثي
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Al-Quds University
The scope of this study is to identify the concept of social responsibility and describe its application at Jawal Telecom Company (Jawwal as a model). The Study would also table key challenges to its application, as well as Paltels employees’ takes on prioritization practices at the Palestinian Telecom Group. The importance of this study is represented as it sheds light on a locally current topic, and the descriptive method was used for its suitability for this type of study. The study population (Sample) came from the Palestinian Communications group Jawwal, and the study tool was applied to a sample of (43) male and female employees. To achieve the study objectives, the questionnaire was designed around five segments: The first segment covered general employee information, and the second segment touch on social responsibility towards the community, with the third segment, focused on social responsibility towards employees and the fourth segment will reflect on social responsibility towards the environment and finally, the fifth segment would highlight implementation challenges from the researched angle. The results indicated that the Palestinian Telecom Group Jawwal has shown high levels of commitment in the applications of the social responsibility segments under this study; society, employees, and the surrounding environment. The results of the study also showed that the key variables (years of experience, academic qualification) carried no weight on the implementation of Social responsibility. The study concluded that the company have an official regulatory body that organizes the it's work as part of its social responsibility, in addition of laws and legislations that work to develop social responsibility in the company.