The Cognitive Style (Focusing-Scanning) among Al-Quds University Students

Rimawi, Omar
Halabiyah, Fadwa
Hussein, Ola
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This study aims to explore the cognitive style (focusing - scanning) among Al-Quds University students. A descriptive approach was used to achieve this objective. The study population included the first-term student of Al-Quds University for the academic year (2019/2020). The sample of the research consisted of (262) students who were selected using the Stratified Random Method. The validity and reliability of the study instrument were assessed. The findings showed that there were differences due to the gender in favor of females towards focusing, and to the faculty variable in favor of the faculty of Science towards focusing, the findings also revealed differences attributed to (GPA) in favor of the average (70-80). Importantly, the findings found no differences were attributed to the educational level, and that confirming the need to pay more attention to develop the cognitive styles of focusing for all university students as they affect positively the level of learning and education.
Cognitive Style , Focusing-Scanning , Al-Quds University , Students