Assessment of job satisfaction and job related stress among pharmacists in the West Bank, Palestine

Sirhan, Jawna
Hallak, Hussein
Khdour, Maher
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Al-Quds University - Deanship of Scientific Research
Job satisfaction is considered one of the essential factors contributing to a person’s motivation, productivity and overall well-being, the present study aimes to assess job satisfaction and job-related stress levels among pharmacists that are currently registered and practicing in Palestine. we report a cross-sectional survey, including measures of satisfaction and stress (Health Professions Stress Inventory) questionnaire. Data were analysed using descriptive statistics, t-tests and one way ANOVAs. The significance level was set at P<0.05. Out of 694 questionnaires distributed, 576 were returned; 14 were not completed and excluded from analysis giving a net of 554 (79.8%) participants. Most of the respondents in the analysis sample were female (58.3%) working in community pharmacies (73.6%). The level of job satisfaction was 58.5%, the variables that contributed to the statistically significant, differences in the degree of job satisfaction were the region (p<0.001) and the monthly income (p<0.001). The t-tests and ANOVA analyses revealed that hospital pharmacists were the least likely to respond that job conflicts with family responsibility as a source of stress compared with community pharmacists (3.11 vs 2.14; p<0.001) and least likely scores in the professional recognition domain (3.21 vs. 2.79; p =0.04), respectively. Other job stressors like excessive work load, lack of promotion opportunities and poor physician pharmacists’ relationship have also been reported. Work life of pharmacists should be enhanced in order to improve their motivation and ability, because failure to reduce stress among workers puts both pharmacists and patients at risk.
Community pharmacists , Hospital pharmacists , Job Satisfaction. , Job related-stress , Palestine