Work in Progress – Establishing a Master Program in Cyber Physical Systems: Basic Findings and Future Perspectives

Ishaq, Isam
Jayousi, Rashid
Odeh, Salaheddin
Edwan, Ezzaldeen
Shaheen, Asmaa
Elnaggar, Mohamed
Elagha, Ahmed
Salamah, Samy
Weber, Christian
Abu Rasheed, Hasan
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International Conference on Promising Electronic Technologies (ICPET) 2019
This paper reports on the basic findings and future perspectives of a capacity building project funded by the European Union. The International Master of Science on Cyber Physical Systems (MS@CPS) is a collaborative project that aims to establish a master program in cyber physical systems (CPS). A consortium composed of nine partners proposed the project. Three partners are European and from Germany, UK and Sweden; while the other six partners are from the South Mediterranean region and include: Palestine, Jordan and Tunisia. The consortium is led by the University of Siegen in Germany who also manages the implementation of the work packages. CPS is an emerging engineering subject with significant economic and societal implications, which motivated the consortium to propose the establishment of a master program to offer educational and training opportunities at graduate level in the fields of CPS. In this paper, CPS as a field of study is introduced with an emphasis on its importance, especially with regard to meeting local needs. A brief description of the project is presented in conjunction with the methodology for developing the courses and their learning outcomes.
Master Program , Curriculum Development , Cyber Physical Systems