Antibacterial Prodrugs to Overcome Bacterial Resistance

Jubeh, Buthaina
Breijyeh, Zeinab
Karaman, Rafik
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Bacterial resistance to present antibiotics is emerging at a high pace that makes the development of new treatments a must. At the same time, the development of novel antibiotics for resistant bacteria is a slow-paced process. Amid the massive need for new drug treatments to combat resistance, time and e ort preserving approaches, like the prodrug approach, are most needed. Prodrugs are pharmacologically inactive entities of active drugs that undergo biotransformation before eliciting their pharmacological e ects. A prodrug strategy can be used to revive drugs discarded due to a lack of appropriate pharmacokinetic and drug-like properties, or high host toxicity. A special advantage of the use of the prodrug approach in the era of bacterial resistance is targeting resistant bacteria by developing prodrugs that require bacterium-specific enzymes to release the active drug. In this article, we review the up-to-date implementation of prodrugs to develop medications that are active against drug-resistant bacteria.
prodrugs , biotransformation , targeting , β-lactam antibiotics , β-lactamases , pathogens , resistance