Evaluation of Radiation Doses for Patients Undergoing Abdominopelvic Computed Tomography Examination in Palestine

Almasri, Hussein
Inayyem, Wala
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As a diagnostic modality, computed tomography (CT) delivers higher radiation doses compared to other imaging modalities. CT requests increase rapidly, hence radiation dose assessment and protection are important. This study assessed the patient radiation dose and estimated organ doses for patients undergoing abdominopelvic CT examination. This study was conducted at three radiology departments equipped with 128-slice CT machines (Philips iCT) calibrated according to international protocols in the West Bank, Palestine. A total of 200 patients underwent abdominopelvic CT examinations. Organ and effective doses were evaluated using a web-based Monte Carlo CT dose calculator: WAZA-ARI dosimetry system that has male and female tissue equivalent phantoms of various ages and sizes. For every patient, a corresponding phantom was selected according to tomographic parameters. For all patients, the colon dose ranged from 5.4 to 26.1 mGy per examination, with a mean colon dose of 14 mGy. The effective dose from abdominopelvic CT scan per examination ranged from 2.04 to 8.4 mSv with an average of 4.8 mSv. It is essential to improve radiographers’ knowledge of radiation dose in CT protocols and to receive continuous education and training regarding radiation dose optimization and reduction strategies.
radiation , dose , abdominopelvic , computed , tomography , Palestine