Palestinian curriculum from an Israeli perspective

Abukhayran, Ashraf Mohammed Hasan
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The article explores the Palestinian curriculum from an Israeli perspective. The reality of the school and the Palestinian textbooks are the subject of controversy and debate in Israel. Promotes and encourages a reality that is observed another look askance if no sound basis for agreement and respect between the two peoples. The article defends the right of every people to design their curriculum. Similarly, states that supports the exercise of this right from a national identity with the active work for the understanding and knowledge as a basis for trust. Inquire about the two main positions that arise out of Palestine. The article studies the two main positions that arises out of Palestine for or recognizing the Palestinian right to design education and curriculum materials, or, against, and suspicious of these materials and their consequences. Identifying the main arguments put forward in the debate. He concludes with a scenario of knowledge and inquiry for mutual understanding and respect. It promotes a new analysis of the curriculum and the current Palestinian textbooks, which will be his doctoral thesis: "The Palestinian Curriculum and Identity Representation of Palestine in 2010".
Curriculum , textbooks , Identity , Palestinian Conflict , Jihad