Integration of IoT Technologies for Enhanced Monitoring and Control in Hybrid-Powered Desalination Systems: A Sustainable Approach to Freshwater Production

Alaa M. Odeh
Isam Ishaq
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Abstract: In the face of our rapidly expanding global population, the necessity of meeting the fundamental needs of every individual is more pressing than ever. Human survival depends upon access to water, making it a vital resource that demands novel solutions to ensure universal availability. Although our planet is abundant in water, 97.5% of it is saltwater, compelling nations to investigate ways to make it suitable for consumption. Seawater desalination is becoming increasingly vital for water sustainability. While seawater desalination offers a solution, existing methods often grapple with high energy consumption and maintaining consistent water quality. This paper proposes a novel hybrid water desalination system that addresses these limitations. Our system leverages solar energy, a readily available renewable resource, to power the desalination process, significantly improving its environmental footprint and operational efficiency. Additionally, we integrated a network of sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT) to enable the real-time monitoring of system performance and water quality. This allows for the immediate detection and improvement in any potential issues, ensuring the consistent production of clean drinking water. By combining solar energy with robust quality control via IoT, our hybrid desalination system offers a sustainable and reliable approach to meet the growing demand for freshwater.