Testicular adrenal rest tumor in a pediatric patient with congenital adrenal hyperplasia: A case report

Mohammad G. Ibdah
Salem M. Tos
Narmeen Giacaman
Anas Aljundi
Mohamad Qabaja
Muayad Salman
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Testicular adrenal rest tumors (TARTs) are benign intratesticular tumors that occur mostly in male patients with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH), their prevalence in these populations can reach up to 94%. We hereby report a male child with known CAH, presented with bilateral irregular testicular masses which were diagnosed as TARTs. TARTs were first reported in 1940, They were named due to their resemblance to adrenal tissue, they are almost always benign but can blunt spermatogenesis and endocrine function of the testis leading to infertility, they are diagnosed by a combination of clinical history, physical exam, and imaging studies, MRI and U/S are equally good for diagnosis and follow-up, treatment includes surgical resection or observation depending on tumor size, symptoms, and fertility goals. TARTs are benign testicular tumors that are strongly associated with CAH, they can be completely asymptomatic or can cause pain and infertility, diagnosis can be done by imaging modalities like MRI or U/S, and treatment options include observation or surgical removal.