Stress and Job satisfaction among managerial women in Gaza Strip

suhad Jamil Abaid
سهاد جميل عبيد
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Al-Quds University
We live in stressful age, stress does not come from our jobs but from the constant change we face daily and it is out come appears in different responses as emotional cognitive, physical and psychological responses The purpose of this study was to assess the relationship between types of stress and job satisfaction among managerial women in Gaza Strip; the other factors influence job satisfaction and stress. The study was conducted at all organizations and institutions all managerial women were selected, which consist of 300 managerial women from different position (minister until acting manger), 252 managerial women responded which represented 84% of the study sample . Standardized structured questionnaire was developed and contained three parts the first for sociodemographic, the second part illustrate job satisfaction and the third part concerns with types of stress. The results indicated that the over all stress among managerial women was 61%, while the overall satisfaction 66%. Factor analysis of job satisfaction showed eight dimensions influence job satisfaction, general satisfaction, work environment, relationship with collogues, supervision, ability to work, attitude towards work, salary, and absenteeism The study found five types of stress faced managerial women; political stress was the major type of stress, social stress, family stress, current period stress. The results found that the majority of managerial women were married and live in the cities and managerial women. results found significant correlation between work stress and job satisfaction also married women faced family stress more than others groups, the study suggested some recommendations to reduce stress and increase job satisfaction hopefully decision makers take it in consideration when they create their policies .