RF and Piezoelectric Energy Harvester by applying a Threshold Voltage Rectifier Cancellers

Hashem M. H. Abu Aram
هاشم محمد ابو عرام
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Al-Quds University
In this thesis study about the RF are shown and Piezoelectric Energy Harvester and focused on the problems of using rectifier circuit represented by: threshold voltage higher than input voltage, Reverse current from the storage damage the current rectifier, to improve the efficiency of the system, anew rectifier circuit that reduce the drop voltage were proposed, and protection the reverse current with hybrid energy harvesting from RF and piezoelectric to provide DC voltage and improve the system. The simulation results showed an increase efficiency of rectifier circuit to 41.7% compared to the efficiency reached by researchers previously and The voltage reaches stability in a brief period of time, which is estimated to be nanoseconds. Those two points were an obstacle in the path of researchers previously, those problems are solved, and then energy from many sources could collect to power any smart system.