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  • Pharmacovigilance and Adverse Drug Reactions Reporting Process in West-Bank, Palestine 

    Khdour, Maher; Yaghmour, Nima; Hallak, Hussein; Dweib, Mohammad; Al-Shahed, Qusai; Jarab, Anan (Deanship of Scientific Research at An Najah National University, 2016-10-09)
    Active national pharmacovigilance programmes are needed to monitor adverse drug reaction (ADR) data in local populations. The objective of this study was to describe the knowledge, experiences, attitudes and perceived ...
  • Pharmacists’ Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Towards Herbal Remedies In West Bank, Palestine 

    Khdour, Maher R.; Kurdi, Manar; Hallak, Hussein O.; Jarab, Anan S.; Dweib, Mohammad; Al-Shahed, Qusai N. (International Medical Society, 2016-06-03)
    Background: There is an increasing trend towards consumption of complementary and alternative herbal products in many parts of the world. Objectives: The purpose of this study was to investigate the knowled - ge ...
  • تقييم ثقافة سلامة المريض في صيدليات المستشفيات الفلسطينية 

    وفاء جمال حسن الزغاري; Wafa Jamal Hassan Zaghari (AL-Quds Universityجامعة القدس, 2011)
  • Computationally Designed Enzyme Models to Replace Natural Enzymes in Prodrug Approaches 

    Karaman, Rafik (2012-11-16)
    The striking efficiency of enzyme catalysis has inspired many organic chemists to explore enzyme mechanisms by studying certain intra molecular processes such as enzyme models which proceed faster than their intermolecular ...
  • Diclofenac Codrugs and Prodrugs-Three Decades of Design 

    Dweib, khuloud; Jumaa, Salma; Thawabteh, Ameen; Scrano, Laura; Bufo, Sabino A.; Mecca, Gennaro; Karaman, Rafik (‎WJPPS,Dr. T Pal, 2015-06-08)
    Prodrugs or predrugs are inactive molecules which become active after in vivo conversion to release the active parent drug. The prodrug’s cleavage can be catalyzed by metabolic enzymes or can occur by chemical means without ...
  • Cost-utility analysis of a pharmacy-led self-management programme for patients with COPD 

    Khdour, Maher R.; Agus, Ashley M.; Kidney, Joseph C.; Smyth, Bronagh M.; Elnay, James C.; Crealey, Grainne E. (Springer Science+Business Media B.V. 2011, 2011-06-04)
    Objective: To undertake a cost-utility analysis (CUA) of a pharmacy-led self-management programme for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Setting: A single outpatient COPD clinic at the Mater Hospital, Belfast, ...
  • A Novel Mathematical Equation For Calculating The Number of ATP Molecules Generated From Sugars In Cells 

    Karaman, Rafik; Khawaja, Yahya (WJPR,Tara Pal,WJPR, 2015-05-23)
    Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is critical for all life from the simplest to the most complex. All organisms from the microscopic to humans utilize ATP as the source for their primary energy currency. This manuscript ...
  • Antibacterial Predrugs-from 1899 till 2015 

    Elayyan, Sabrin; Karaman, Donia; Mecca, Gennaro; Scrano, Laura; Bufo, Sabino A.; Karaman, Rafik (WJPPS,Dr. T Pal, 2015-07-08)
    The predrug (prodrug) term involves chemically modified inert compound which upon an administration releases the active parent drug to elicit its pharmacological response within the body. For many years, the predrug ...
  • Societal perspectives on community pharmacy services in West Bank - Palestine 

    Khdour, Maher R.; Hallak, Hussein O. (2012-03-12)
    Understanding the public's view of professional competency is extremely important; however little has been reported on the public’s perception of community pharmacists in Palestine Objectives: To determine the perception ...
  • Prodrugs targeting the central nervous system (cns) 

    Salameh, Falasteen; Karaman, Donia; Karaman, Rafik (2015-08-07)
    The classical approach for delivery of drugs into the central nervous system (CNS) is associated with adverse effects and it has many limitations. Therefore, extensive efforts have been done in searching and developing ...
  • Anti-cancer Prodrugs-Three Decades of Design 

    Horani, Waad; Thawabteh, Ameen; Scrano, Laura; A. Bufo, Sabino; Mecca, Gennaro; Karaman, Rafik (2015-07-31)
    The conventional old treatment method for cancer therapy is associated with severe side effects along with several limitations. Therefore, searching and developing new methods for cancer became crucial. This mini review ...
  • Paracetamol biodegradation by activated sludge and photo-catalysis and its removal by a micelleclay complex, activated charcoal and reverse osmosis membranes 

    Karaman, Rafik; Khamis, Mustafa; Abbadi, Jehad; Amro, Ahmad; Qurie, Mohannad; Ayyad, Ibrahim; Ayyash, Fatima; Hamarsheh, Omar; Yaqmour, Reem (Taylor & Francis, 2016-03-07)
    Kinetic studies on the stability of the pain killer paracetamol in Al-Quds activated sludge demonstrated that paracetamol underwent biodegradation within less than one month to furnish p-aminophenol in high yields. ...
  • Mefenamic acid Prodrugs and Codrugs- Two Decades of Development 

    Abu-Jaish, Alaa; Mecca, Gennaro; Jumaa, Salma; Thawabteh, Ameen; Karaman, Rafik (2015-06-05)
    prodrugs are bioreversible derivatives of drug molecules that undergo intermolecular or intramolecular reactions by enzymatic or chemical biotransformation in the human body to give the corresponding active parent drugs ...
  • Impact of pharmaceutical care on health outcomes in patients with COPD 

    Khdour, Maher; Jarab, Anan; AlQudah, Salam; Shamssain, Mohammed; Mukattash, Tareq (Springer Science+Business Media B.V. 2011, 2011-11-20)
    Background Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) treatment goals are often not achieved despite the availability of many effective treatments. Furthermore, clinical pharmacist interventions to improve clinical ...
  • Extent and nature of unlicensed and off-label medicine use in hospitalized children in Palestine 

    Hussein Hallak; Maher khdour; Alayasa, Kawther; AlShahed, Qusai; Hawwa, Ahmed; McElnay, James (Springer, 2011-05-13)
    Objective of the study To determine the extent and nature of unlicensed/off-label prescribing patterns in hospitalised children in Palestine. Setting Four paediatric wards in two public health system hospitals in ...