Hygiene Behavior and Hygiene-Related Facilities among School Adolescents in Palestine

Rusli, Mohammad
Al Rifai, Ayesha
Ismai, Mohd
Ghrayeb, Farid
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Introduction: Although, the importance of personal hygiene in reducing the infection cannot be underestimated; but it is not enough when other hygienic resources and facilities are inadequate or unavailable. Purpose: To determine the prevalence of hand-washing behaviors and hygienic facilities among school adolescents in Tarqumia , Palestine. Methods: A descriptive Cross-sectional study was conducted, and data was collected on hand-washing behavior and hygienic facilities from 720 seventh- through eleventh-grade students in 4 schools in Tarrqumia by anonymous self-administered questionnaire. Results: Overall, only 6.25% of the sample never or rarely washed their hands before eating during the past 30 days; 8.06 % never or rarely washed their hands after using the toilet or latrine. Conclusions: This study demonstrates the prevalence of proper hand washing was very high among the school adolescents. Lack of adequate hygienic facilities in schools in Tarqumia prevents students from adopting proper hygienic behavior and impedes health promotion efforts.
hand washing , sanitation , facilities , drinking water , adolescents , Palestine