Assessment of Antimicrobial and Anticancer Activity of Radish Sprouts Extracts

Khalid, Mahmoud
Ayayda, Reem
Gheith, Nameer
Salah, Zaidoun
Abu-Lafi, Saleh
Jaber, Amal
Rimawi, Fuad
Al-Mazaideh, Ghassab
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Jordan Journal of Biological Sciences
People have used plants as medications since the beginning of history. With the advancement in science, people headed more towards using synthetic drugs. However, with the rise of problems like the toxic side effects of these drugs as in the case of chemotherapy, and the origin of drug resistant bacteria, the need has come for developing new drugs. The safest source of developing new drugs is natural products from plants. In this study, antimicrobial and anticancer activity of radish sprouts extracts was tested. Radish seeds were planted and watered until they sprouted. Sprouts were then dried and grinded. Radish sprouts were soaked in three different solvents, (100% water, 100% ethanol, and 80% ethanol) for three hours with sonication, and then solvents were evaporated using rotary evaporator at 40 C°. Radish sprouts extracts were then tested for anticancer activity against MCF7 and HT29 cancer cells. Their antimicrobial activity for different types of positive and negative gram bacteria (E. coli, S. pneumonia, and S. aureus) was also tested using disk-diffusion method. Results showed that radish sprouts have anticancer activity against HT29 and MCF7. The most drastic effect was observed for radish sprouts extracted with 100% ethanol against MCF7 cells where 62% of cells were found dead compared to the control. No antimicrobial activity was observed for the radish sprouts extracts. Keywords: Anticancer activity, Antimicrobial activity, Radish Sprouts