job satisfaction among nurses working in the COVID-19 center in palestine

Alia Mohammad Yousef Sweity
عليا محمد يوسف السويطي
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Al-Quds University
Background: Under the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses are the mainstay in the fight against the any pandemic. nurses play critical roles in the prevention of the COVID-19 outbreak through proper care and preventive procedures. So, job satisfaction are essential factors influencing nurses' productivity. Objective: The aim of this study was to assess the level the job satisfaction and identify the factors that hinder the job satisfaction in nursing working at COVID 19 centers in governmental hospitals in Palestine. methods: This study used a cross-sectional and descriptive quantitative design conducted in spring 2021 (n = 625; census study, 565 of them are positively responded with response rate 90.4%. A 50 item of job satisfaction scale was developed through examination of internal and external validity and based on the results of item analysis. results: The study found that almost (63.2%) of nurses in COVID 19 centers in governmental hospitals in Palestine had a moderate level of job satisfaction. Co-workers represented main source of job satisfaction of nurses, with mean (3.6). While the stigma represents the main source of job dissatisfaction for nurses in COVID 19 centers with mean (3.29). While such as the supervision and communication for heads department and nursing supervisors are an important factor in raising the level of job satisfaction for nurses with mean (3.24). But work procedures represented one of the factors of job satisfaction, as (63.18 %) agreed that working conditions helped them accept to work in the COVID 19 pandemic According the relationship between job satisfaction and socio demographic variables (age, gender, experience, monthly income, educational degree and departments). have differences between the respondents, except department no differences between the respondents.. Conclusions: COVID-19 pandemic is not just a time of crisis, but an opportunity for reconstructing the professional identity for nurses. Given the importance of professional identity in determining professional commitment and the quality of care, making sense of the event, incorporating the unique COVID-19 experience into enhancement of job satisfaction. In addition, developing strategies from the policy, management and organizational levels to enhance professional fulfillment. Key words: Job satisfaction, COVID 19 pandemic, Nurses, Palestine.