Assessment of Patients’ Satisfaction Toward Healthcare Services at the Outpatient Oncology Department of Beit-Jala Hospital\ Palestine

Mohammad Issa Hassan DarSarrar
محمد عيسى حسن دار صرار
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Al-Quds University
Introduction: Patients’ satisfaction with medical care refers to patients’ valued judgments to what they receive in the health care facilities. Patients are able to judge the provision of health care service concerning the diagnostic measures, symptom control and treatment. Health care services that are provided at the outpatient oncology department can help in detecting and sometimes reducing the complications of the oncology disorders. These services are important in a way that improve patient’s condition and promote their health. Further, the quality of care provided at the outpatient oncology departments is likely to influence effective utilization and compliance with interventions among patients with oncology disorders. Aim: To assess patients’ level of satisfaction towards health care services provided in outpatientoncology department of Beit-Jala Governmental Hospital. Methodology: Descriptive cross sectional study design was used to assess level of satisfaction among patients with oncology disorders visiting the OPD of Beit-Jala Hospital/Palestine. The study sample was convenience and self-administered questionnaire was used to collect the data. Tool of the study was developed by Aletras (2006). The Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) Version (26) was used for data analysis. Descriptive test and non-parametric tests as Mann-Whitney-U test and Kruskal–Wallis H test were used to assess the differences demographic factors such as age, gender, marital status. Results: Results showed that 96%of patients were satisfied with healthcare services at the outpatient oncology department. Patients’ satisfaction with medical examination scored the highest rate of 99% in which item about physician’s attitude toward patients got the highest satisfaction (M=4.35, SD=0.556). The comfort domain on the other hand has the least satisfaction rate of 63% where condition of water closet (WC) got the lowest satisfaction (M=2.91, SD= 1.048). Male patients (M=112.29) have higher satisfaction rate than female patients (M=87.47), U=3750, p= 0.002). Those who were suffering from Cancer for 1-2 years have higher satisfaction rate (M= 108.43) than those suffering for < 1 year (101.71) while the least satisfied were those suffering for ≥ 3 years (M=44.71). Those living in Bethlehem got the highest satisfaction rate (M=116.31) followed by those living nearby Ramallah (M=114.81), then those living in Hebron (M=91.75). Conclusion: This is the first study conducted in Beit-Jala Hospital regarding satisfaction of patient with oncology disorder toward healthcare services which showed high satisfaction rates. This study has provided much insight into the level of patient satisfaction in the oncologic OPD at Beit-Jala Hospital especially medical examination. The results of this study will provide basis for enhancing the 5 domains of healthcare services provided for patient with oncology disorder. Results of this study also showed the patients level of dissatisfaction with comfort domains especially Water closet condition and waiting times. It is worth mentioning that patients are highly satisfied with the physician’s attitude towards them.