Revisiting the Conditions of Authenticity for Built Heritage in Areas of Conflict

Saifi, Yara
Yüceer, Hülya
Hürol, Yonca
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This article examines the application of conditions of authenticity within the context ofbuilt heritage management in areas of political conflict, where heritage management can be seen as apolitical act rather than a means of protection. It focuses on values attributed to built heritage that canbe targeted or reinvented by the dominant power in areas of conflict with minorities being powerlessto intervene. The argument is built around the Agios Synesios Church in North Cyprus, whichcontinued to be used by the Greek Cypriot minority following the island division in 1974. Althoughtheir way of life has been compromised, they have embraced forced change through using the churchto maintain their ritual and religious practices; by doing so, they negotiate their values towards theirheritage. In this case, the study shows that the conditions of authenticity are difficult to meet, giventhe means through which heritage management can be manipulated. Accordingly, the article aims tocontribute to general discussions on the vagueness and enigmatic conditions of authenticity in areasof conflict. Different buildings in areas of conflict around the world suffer because of the politicalnature of heritage management, which makes the criteria of authenticity unviable.
authenticity; , built heritage , eritage management , conflict , Cyprus