Enhance the Stability of Traditional Concentrated Yoghurt using Natural Antioxidants Additives

Ayyad, Ziad
Qurie, Muhannad
Natshe, Amal Odeh
Sawalha, Saleh
Alrimawi, Fual
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Oriental Scientific Publishing Company
The stability of virgin olive oil (VOO) used as a packing medium for traditional concentrated Yoghurt decreased during time and the product could deteriorate during the storage time. In this investigation, different natural additives such as dried Arum Palaestinum leaves (AP), Tomato Peel (TP) and Chili Pepper (CP) have been used to enhance the quality and stability of packing medium VOO for traditional canned concentrated Yoghurt balls. Parts VOO samples added with natural additives were stored as packing medium for traditional canned concentrated Yoghurt balls. Other part was stored without concentrated Yoghurt in the same storage conditions. All samples were analyzed for their initial quality indexes and during the storage period of six months. At the end of storage, results revealed that the % acidity for all VOO samples used as a packing medium showed a higher value than the samples stored without concentrated Yoghurt balls. On the other side, peroxide values for all stored samples of both parts were less than the control sample without additives. Extinction coefficients (K232, K270) for VOO samples with the natural additives showed increased trend during the storage time, but it didn't exceed the accepted limit for VOO. Total phenol content for all samples were gradually decreased during storage period, whereas samples with the natural additives showed higher values than the controls. All the natural additives (CP, TP, AP) showed a positive trend in enhancing and improving the different VOO quality indexes in our study in particular those samples added with CP during the storage time.
Virgin olive oil Traditional concentrated yoghurt , Natural additives , Arum Palaestinum , Tomato Peel , Chili Pepper , Storage stability , Quality indexes