Relationship between Impacts of Complete Denture Treatment on Daily Living, Satisfaction and Personality Profiles

Abu Hantash, Ra'ed O.
AL-Omiri, Mahmoud K,
Abu Younis, Mohammed H,
Dar Odeh, Najla
Lynch, Edward
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Objectives: To investigate the association between satisfaction with conventional complete denture prostheses (CDs), impacts of CDs on daily living and personality profiles. Materials and methods: Fifty-six patients (28 males and 28 females; mean age 53.79 ± 7.762 years) with fitted upper and lower removable CDs were recruited for this study. Clinical success of CDs was assessed according to specific clinical criteria. The dental impact on daily living questionnaire (DIDL) was used to measure satisfaction with CDs and their impacts on daily living. NEO five factor inventory (NEO - FFI) was used to measure patients’ personality profiles. Pearson correlation test and regression models were used to analyze the collected data. Results: Females were more satisfied with appearance and less satisfied with eating and scored higher on neuroticism, and lower on extraversion and openness personality domains (p < 0.05). Older patients were more satisfied with appearance and less satisfied with oral comfort and general performance (p < 0.05). Neuroticism, extraversion, openness and agreeableness personality profiles could predict and had significant relationship with CDs impacts on daily living and satisfaction with CDs. Conclusion: Psychological profiles (e.g. neuroticism, extraversion, openness and agreeableness) might play a role and explain CDs impacts on daily living and patients’ satisfaction with their oral status and CD treatment, therefore, might be used to predict satisfactory outcomes of CD treatment. In this regard, technical aspects of CDs are less essential when the prosthesis is clinically successful. Clinical significance: Psychological factors may play a role and also provide valuable information for the prediction of satisfactory outcomes of complete denture treatment
Complete denture impacts on daily living (DIDL) , NEO-FFI , Personality , Satisfaction