Metacognitive Skills among Left-Handed Students in Al-Quds university

Rimawi, Omar
Rimawi, Amira
Mohammed, saheen
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The aim of this study was to reveal the metacognitive skills among left-handed students at Al-Quds University. The study population consisted of all left-handed students at Al-Quds University. Data obtained from a purposive sample of 47 left-handed male and female students was analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). The findings showed that left-handed students at Al-Quds University had a low degree of metacognitive skills. It was found that there were differences attributable to gender in favor of female students, but no differences attributable to college (Science and Humanities). The findings also revealed differences due to the overall grade point average (GPA) in favor of the students with a GPA of more than 80%. It is recommendedthat students must be taught metacognitive strategies through: helping them to plan and evaluate their learning process, stimulating their thinking processes by giving them assignments that require higher levels of thinking and challenge their mental abilities in order to obtain knowledge during the
Metacognition , metacognitive Skills , Left-handed , Al-Quds University