Knowledge, Awareness and Use of Neurodynamic Mobilization in Athletes Training Among Palestinian Physiotherapists

Amro, A.
Adi, M.
Asabeh, AA
Alian, A.
Obeid, A.
Saeed, M.
Dwaik, R.
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Background: The use of Neurodynamic mobilizations to improve those qualities had not been enough studies; the aim of this research is to investigate the knowledge, use, and awareness of Palestinian physiotherapists about the Neurodyanimc mobilization (NDM) effect on the above-mentioned variables. Results: 58 physiotherapists responded with the average age of participants was 30.24 (± 8.14 years), the average years of experience were 5.58 (± 6.59 years). 60.3% of the participants attended courses in ND, 58.6% attended courses in NDM, postgraduate sport rehabilitation courses were reported by 60.3%. 58.6% reported the application of NDMs after warm-up exercise. 32.7% expressed knowledge in NDM with 39.7% 32.7% reported the knowledge of ND tests. 63.5% of the participants believe that ND is effective in the management of sport injures. Participants believed in positive the effect of the NDM on improving speed (48.3%) <, endurance (60.3%), balance (57%) and athlete performance 72.4%. ND assessment (r 5.31, p =0.00). Males had more knowledge than females in both ND tests and in NDM (p <0.05). Males had twice the chance to attend post-graduate courses. Methods: An online data collection sheet was developed by the researchers and was distributed online, special invitations were sent to physiotherapists on local websites of the Union, and social media. Conclusion: There was gender variation favorable for males in terms of the chances to attend postgraduate courses, more than half of the participants supported the positive effect of ND on athlete’s performance.
Neurodynamics , Sport Injuries , Training
Amro A, Adi M, Asabeh AA, Alian A, Obeid A, et al. (2020) Knowledge, Awareness and Use of Neurodynamic Mobilization in Athletes Training Among Palestinian Physiotherapists. J Orthop Physiother 3(1): 101