DCM+: Robust Congestion Control Protocol for Mobile Networks

Hamamreh, Rushdi A.
Khader, Derar
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This paper aims at presenting a new robust congestion control protocol for mobile networks. It also can be used for mixed networks and mobile adhoc networks (MANETs). The proposed protocol is called Dynamic Congestion Control Protocol for Mobile Networks (DCM+). It makes use of the bandwidth estimation algorithm used in Westwood+ algorithm. We evaluate DCM+ on the basis of known metrics like throughput, average delay, packet loss and Packet-Delivery-Ratio (PDR). New metrics like Normalized Advancing Index (NAI) and Complete-Transmission-Time (CTT) have been introduced for a comprehensive comparison with other congestion control variants like NewReno, Hybla, Ledbat and BIC. The simulations are done for a one-way single-hop-topology (sender->router->receiver). The findings in this paper clearly show excellent properties of our proposed technique like robustness and stability. It avoids congestions, increases performance, minimizes the end-to-end delay and reduces the transmission time. DCM+ combines the advantages of the protocols NewReno and Westwood+. The simulation results show high improvements, which make this approach extremely adequate for different types of networks.
Congestion control , DCM+ , wireless , ns3 simulator