Affine Projection Algorithm Based Decision Fusion for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing In Cognitive Radio Networks

Jamoos, Ali
Ayyash, Lama
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Little Lion Scientific
Spectrum sensing is a main function in cognitive radio networks to detect the spectrum holes or unused spectrum. Cooperative spectrum sensing schemes are recently suggested and they provide fast and accurate results. In this paper, we suggested a new adaptive and cooperative spectrum sensing technique based on the affine projection algorithm (APA). In this method, each secondary user (SU) takes a binary decision by its local sensing of the spectrum using energy detector. Local decisions are then forward to the fusion center (FC), where definitive decision is taken on the status of the spectrum using adaptive filters. In our suggested technique, APA updates the weights of the adaptive filter by using the current and the 𝐿 􀵆 1 delayed input signal vectors. Simulation results indicate that the suggested approach provides faster convergence speed and less steady state mean square error than the existing methods that are based on the normalized least mean square (NLMS) or the so-called kernel least mean square (KLMS) algorithm.
Cooperative spectrum sensing , decision fusion , adaptive filters , APA algorithm , cognitive radio networks
TY - JOUR AU - Jamoos, Ali AU - Ayyash, Luay PY - 2019/01/01 SP - 598 EP - 604 T1 - Affine projection algorithm based decision fusion for cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks VL - 97 JO - Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology ER -