Postoperative intestinal intussusception in children, an easily missed culprit of postoperative intestinal obstruction: Case series and literature review

Abukhalaf, Sadi A.
Alzughayyar, Tareq Z.
Baniowda, Muath A.
Abukarsh, Radwan
Ghazzawi, Ihsan
Novotny, Nathan M.
Al Hammouri, Ahmad
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BACKGROUND: Postoperative intestinal intussusception (POI) is a rare cause of intestinal obstruction with POI after surgical reduction of ileocolic intussusception being an extremely rare variant. POI was reported to follow many abdominal and non-abdominal operations. A late diagnosis can risk ischemia and necrosis. POI also increases the morbidity and mortality, rendering an early diagnosis and prompt management as lifesaving. METHODS: We reviewed the medical charts retrospectively for the last ten years for patients with POI at Palestine Red Crescent Society Hospital, Hebron, Palestine. We reviewed the literature and presented the characteristics of the most reported cases of POI following surgical reduction of ileocolic intussusception. RESULTS: We presented three cases of ileoileal POI and one case of ileocolic POI followed different primary operations. All but one patient presented in the first two weeks. The delayed presentation came two months after revision of a prolapsed colostomy. All patients managed successfully with operative manual reduction with no postoperative complications. Initially, we had struggles in the diagnosis of POI largely due to a low suspicion for this rare entity, but thereafter we kept POI in mind and managed the aftercoming cases in an expeditious manner. CONCLUSION: Frequently, POI is misdiagnosed as postoperative adhesive obstruction. POI is challenging in diagnosis and needs a very high index of suspicion, mainly due to its rarity and atypical presentation. By keeping the possibility of POI in mind, one can easily diagnose it and prevent its consequences.
Postoperative intestinal intussusception , Postoperative intestinal obstruction , Ileocolic , Ileoileal , POI
TY - JOUR AU - Abukhalaf, Sadi AU - Alzughayyar, Tareq AU - Baniowda, Muath AU - Abukarsh, Radwan AU - Ghazzawi, Ihsan AU - Novotny, Nathan AU - Hammouri, Ahmad PY - 2019/06/01 SP - T1 - Postoperative Intestinal Intussusception In Children, an Easily Missed Culprit Of Postoperative Intestinal Obstruction : Case Series and Literature Review VL - 60 DO - 10.1016/j.ijscr.2019.06.057 JO - International Journal of Surgery Case Reports ER -