A focus group study of patient’s perspective and experiences of type 2 diabetes and its management in Jordan

Jarab, Anan S.
Mukattash, Tareq L.
Al-Azayzih, Ahmad
Khdour, Maher
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Background: Diabetes is increasingly becoming a major health problem in Jordan and glycemic goals are often not achieved. Objective: To explore the patients’ perspectives regarding type 2 diabetes and its management in order to ‘‘fine-tune” future pharmaceutical care intervention programs. Method: Focus groups method was used to explore views from individuals with type 2 diabetes attending outpatient diabetes clinic at the Royal Medical Services Hospital. All interviews were recorded, transcribed and analyzed using a thematic analysis approach. Results: A total of 6 focus groups, with 6 participants in each one, were conducted. Participants in the present study demonstrated a great information needs about diabetes and the prescribed treatment. Medication regimen characteristics including rout of administration, number of prescribed medications and dosage frequency in addition to perceived side effects represented the major barriers to medication adherence. In addition to demonstrating negative beliefs about the illness and the prescribed medications, participants showed negative attitudes and low self-efficacy to adhere to necessary self-care activities including diet, physical activity and self-monitoring of blood glucose. Conclusion: Future pharmaceutical care interventions designed to improve patients’ adherence and health outcomes in patients with type 2 diabetes should consider improving patients’ understanding of type 2 diabetes and its management, simplifying dosage regimen, improving patient’s beliefs and attitudes toward type 2 diabetes, prescribed medications and different self-care activities in addition to improving patient’s self efficacy to perform different treatment recommendations.