IETF standardization in the field of the internet of things (IoT): a survey

Ishaq, Isam
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Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
Smart embedded objects will become an important part of what is called the Internet of Things. However, the integration of embedded devices into the Internet introduces several challenges, since many of the existing Internet technologies and protocols were not designed for this class of devices. In the past few years, there have been many efforts to enable the extension of Internet technologies to constrained devices. Initially, this resulted in proprietary protocols and architectures. Later, the integration of constrained devices into the Internet was embraced by IETF, moving towards standardized IP-based protocols. In this paper, we will briefly review the history of integrating constrained devices into the Internet, followed by an extensive overview of IETF standardization work in the 6LoWPAN, ROLL and CoRE working groups. This is complemented with a broad overview of related research results that illustrate how this work can be extended or used to tackle other problems and with a discussion on open issues and challenges. As such the aim of this paper is twofold: apart from giving readers solid insights in IETF standardization work on the Internet of Things, it also aims to encourage readers to further explore the world of Internet-connected objects, pointing to future research opportunities.
Internet of Things , standardization , survey , constrained devices , IETF ROLL , IETF CoRE , IETF 6LoWPAN , RPL , CoAP , Web of Things
Ishaq, Isam, David Carels, Girum K. Teklemariam, Jeroen Hoebeke, Floris Van den Abeele, Eli De Poorter, Ingrid Moerman, and Piet Demeester. "IETF standardization in the field of the internet of things (IoT): a survey." Journal of Sensor and Actuator Networks 2, no. 2 (2013): 235-287.