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    Analysis of the Relation between Israel's Law of Return and Palestinian Displacement in The Context of Decolonization
    (Al-Quds University - Deanship of Scientific Research, 2023-05-16) Malak Hassouneh; Danyah Jaber
    Background: The idea behind my project can be divided into two ideas that are related to each other. The aim of this research is to unpack how Israel's Law of Return cannot be enacted without the displacement of Palestinians. My argument expands beyond the borders of the topic of displaced Palestinians and refugees and Israeli settlers. It sheds light on what a potential decolonized Palestine would be like and how that future would look like for the settlers. Hence, my project brings the issues of postcolonial societies and transitional justice together to break down the legal relationship between the colonizer and the colonized in a decolonized reality.
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    Forced Displacement in Al Araqib Village: As a Case study of the Vulnerability of Palestinian Bedouins to Forced Displacement
    (Al-Quds University - Deanship of Scientific Research, 2023-05-16) Sabreen Hajahja; Dania Jaber
    Objectives: 1- exploring the pretexts of forced displacement of Palestinian Bedouins. 2- investigating the foundations of Israeli strategies within the framework of settler colonialism. 3- examining the impact of recognizing the Bedouins as indigenous population on their situation.
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    Leviathan and The English Civil Wars
    (Al-Quds University - Deanship of Scientific Research, 2023-05-16) Ibrahim Amawi; Ibrahim Marazka
    Background: This paper discusses parts of Thomas Hobbes's Leviathan, in which he develops an ideal form of governance state, his famous “Commonwealth”. Despite elements of despotism and autocratic rule, this state differs from contemporary monarchies of Europe. It also differs from an experimental republican system, which follows the English civil wars. While the ideal state envisioned by Hobbes differs largely from the realities of his age, his “state of nature” characterized by a war of all against all is often compared to the English civil war.
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    Locked Out: A Critical Look into the Grand Residential Projects of East-Jerusalem
    (Al-Quds University - Deanship of Scientific Research, 2023-05-16) Rana Hadieh; Saad Ameerh
    Background:Palestinians living in East-Jerusalem are constantly on edge, the fear of losing their homes lingers continuously. Palestinians face the threat of losing their homes at the hands of the Israeli occupation which sends out home demolition orders for families and justifies it with the absence of a permit. This is a systematic and institutionalized form of violence of an occupying power; however, one would expect Palestinian landowners and the owners of rented apartment buildings in East-Jerusalem to facilitate the residency of Palestinians knowing how hard it is to own a home or find one in this city. This is why I was surprised when I found out that the building that my grandmother has lived in for years, and the one that is sustaining 4-5 businesses on the first floor is to be demolished soon by the owner, to build a grand residential project. What has inspired the emergence of all of these grand projects throughout recent years? How is the establishment of these projects facilitated and granted a building permit by Israel, when Palestinian families are not given a permit to build a home the size of a bedroom? I introduce this topic through the story of my grandmother, who is facing possible displacement because the apartment she has been living in for years is going to be turned into a huge residential complex, she now has to face the sudden changes of moving into a different home, leaving the one that she has lived in all of her life.
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    Rethinking Economics within the Framework of Neoliberal Economics Educational System in Palestinian Universities
    (Al-Quds University - Deanship of Scientific Research, 2023-05-16) Hala Alanani; Sobhi Samour
    Background: This research aims to challenge the conventional neoclassical approach to economics in Palestine and promote a more interdisciplinary and holistic understanding of the subject. By examining the shift from political economy to neoclassical economics globally, this study will explore the impact of neoliberal ideologies in education on economics students and in return the world's economic policies. Drawing from the global context, this research will focus its analysis on the education of economics in Palestine. The research will rely on literature reviews, one-to-one interviews with Palestinian economists and professionals, and surveys distributed to economics students to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current situation in Palestinian universities and the implications of neoclassical thinking.