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    (Al-Quds University, Deanship of Scientific Research, 2019-09-10) Atrash, Lutfi; Ayyad, Samah; Odeh, Rula; Tuqan, Ahmad
    CleanEcare is a new idea that uses electricity to clean and sterilize medical clothes to create a hygienic medical atmosphere and to reduce dangerous illnesses. We started research on September 2018 by conducting experiments in the fields of microbiology and engineering. The reasoning behind our research is based on the principles of microbiology, especially the effect of electricity on bacteria and its mechanism of killing microorganisms. We have conducted many experiments on bacteria by measuring the amount present on the cloth before and after the use of electricity. We have a lot of results that are both logical and illogical so we will continue our testing in order to obtain more accurate results.
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    Field Training Management System
    (Al-Quds University, Deanship of Scientific Research, 2019-09-10) Al Yazory, Tamer
    The project provides services to help the students and university for the administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of instructor-led-training programs. FTMS is focused on kcab - saafao e saoaaoa cfd c o asfafdo od c psse as as es cpo p cffffo cd fffap cps a ca such; c training management system acts as a central enterprise resource planning software specific ps the training industry. They can be complemented by other learning technologies such as a ceeefacpfsf as pno cd fffap cpfsfp dsa ofpcpfsfp eoc fffo cfcoo ofp a apo e aa c asaprc o p cabffop cfd oes pffo of instructor-led-training programs. FTMS is focus on back-office processes and are asfafdo od c psse as as es cpo p cffffo cd fffap cps a a an ca c p cffffo cfcoo ofp a apo acts as central enterprise resource planning, software specific to the training industry. They can be complemented by other learning technologies such as a learning management ea apo pl ffo pno eo fsd sa ffdo afp od acpfsfp cfd ff as o acaoa ff aansse ap dofpa ff ao pcff dfaafeeffoa a an ca ofoffoo ffo cfd odfaffo food afoed p cffffoe c p sa pno eo fsd sa od acpfon in the field is considered a requirement for graduation and a certificate of study. The government intends to train students before graduation. This training is of paramount importance; otherwise, it would not be a prerequisite for graduation from university. cf ap dofpa ff pno cec ap fe cerc a essb ps affd as ecffoa ps p cffffo rnof graduation. They always want the lowest possible time to find the companies to training. On pno spno afdop pno ao p cdfpfsfce cee scanoa ps cffs fce training companies, also use the nc dase ps odce cpo pno ap dofpe aodo ce p cffooa cfd as ecffoa oaofpe koocf ps ao asafce media to search of training site. Accordingly, it would be better for both students and ffdo afp ps rs b pn s on cf s ocfized and well-known channel to meet each other; this cfd ancffoe ans ed ko oca ps ocan fafdoffoeeoe
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    Performance of Hot Mix Asphalt Concrete Produced with Waste Glass Powder Filler
    (Al-Quds University, Deanship of Scientific Research, 2019-09-10) Abu Sabha, Ahmed
    Previous studies have revealed the beneficial effects of adding Waste Glass Powder Filler (WGPF) to Bitumen Emulsion Mixtures (BEMs). These effects were confirmed for some dense graded mixtures based on recipes currently used for hot asphalt concrete mix and being considered for usage in BEMs. On the other hand, Hot Rolled Asphalt (HRA) which is a gap graded mixture is extensively used for surfacing major roads because it provides a dense, impervious layer, resulting in a weather resistance durable surface able to endure the demands of modern traffic loads and providing good resistance to fatigue cracking. This laboratory study attends to study the performance of asphalt concrete mix, where some of fractional conventional mineral filler is substituted with different percentages of crashed glass materials of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100 %. The specimens were compacted by 75 blows on each side and left to cool at room temperature for 24 hours. Marshall stability and flow tests were performed on each specimen, where the cylindrical specimens were placed in water path at 60 ºC for 30 to 40 minutes then compressed on the lateral surface at constant rate of 2 inch/min. (50.8mm/min.) until the maximum load (failure) is reached. The study concluded that satisfactory performance of upper asphalt pavement layers can be achieved by adding waste glass powder with 50% of the conventional mineral filler.
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    Porous Concrete Caps for Infiltration Boreholes
    (Al-Quds University, Deanship of Scientific Research, 2019-09-10) Al Khoudary, Moneer; Ftieha, Yasser; Al Hasaynea, Talat; Matar, Abdulla
    municipalities of the Gaza Strip, which have implemented the project for the absorption of underground water with rain water, which aims to exploit as much water as possible on the Gaza Strip to feed ground water, which suffer significantly from the increase in pollution, carried out some of the drilling projects on the ground And the face of the problem of early blockage of its internal components, which need to be maintained periodically to be blocked by the sediments carried with running water by the structure of the system, which is the two containers flowing water to the first container and then to the second container located above the separation wall between the two containers. This practical idea is intended to increase the sedimentation process by introducing the liquid in several stages, but this method failed due to irregular and turbulent flow to the inside, thus moving the sediment beneath the first container. In this project we aim to solve the problem of obstruction and increase the amount of injection in the groundwater, and the work of a more efficient and effective system and reduce the high cost and periodic maintenance. This is done by a new design which is only one container. The water is directly connected to it. We placed a porous mortar on the top of the absorbent hole in the cylindrical shape, which is similar to the head cap, which has an external diameter and an internal diameter that produces a certain thickness capable of filtering the water passing through it. The lateral water pressure and the reverse washing process have a special design method. Therefore, we designed a project that simulates the idea implemented in the project in fact through simple tools and equipment expressed the desired goal, and we used a concrete with a particular design allows access to water through which the concrete called water, and we added rainwater deposits water reservoirs used in the operation of the system. Since the concrete allowed the entry of a small proportion of the very soft sediments exist and did not allow the passage of sediments of large size and the system was suitable to solve this problem and we got very good results where the proportion of sediments in the water before entering the filtering process is much greater after entering the process of filtering and exit.
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    Smart Irrigation System Based on Solar Cells
    (Al-Quds University, Deanship of Scientific Research, 2019-09-10) Al Hersh, Hammam; Saraheen, Hadeel
    An effective irrigation system will be designed to contribute to the low cost of energy using solar energy from irrigation systems in arable and desert lands in an eco-friendly manner. The project involves the construction of an independent network system that is fully solar-powered. The DC pump is operated through the energy produced by the solar cells to pump water from the water source (Well or groundwater) to a high reservoir, for use in the process of irrigating the plants by the valve on the outlet of the tank, Where the valve is connected using Arduino and humidity and heat sensors to control the flow of water from the reservoir to the field. Batteries are used to store day-to-day energy for use in controller and sensor feeds or in small DC loads.