A Model for Incident Tickets Correlation in Network Management

Salah, Saeed
Maciá Fernández, Gabriel
Díaz-Verdejo, J. E.
Sánchez-Casado, Leo
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Journal of Network and Systems Management (Springer)
In Information Technology Service Management (ITSM), network management teams typically use an Incident Ticket System (ITS) as a tool to track, troubleshoot, and coordinate the resolution of network incidents that occur during the daily operation of the network. A well organized ITS may positively impact on the efficiency of the incident management process. Nevertheless, in many cases the handling of tickets by the management team is not completely systematic and may be incoherent and inefficient. This way, irrelevant or redundant tickets for the same incident may be issued, thus creating a redundancy in the system that leads to inefficiencies. In this paper, we suggest a model aimed to correlate redundant tickets in order to reduce the information to a single ticket per incident. We validate the proposed correlation model by evaluating it with two datasets taken from a real ticketing system of a telecommunications network company. Using this model as a basis, we also develop and evaluate a methodology that assesses the efficiency of the management team during the process of tickets creation and management. Based on it, we also get some insights on the performance of the different management groups involved in the ticket creation process. These analyses can be leveraged for improving both the management groups functioning and the policies for the tickets’ creation.
Network management , Incident management , Incident tickets correlation , Management efficiency
Salah, S., Maciá-Fernández, G., Díaz-Verdejo, J. E., & Sánchez-Casado, L. (2016). A model for incident tickets correlation in network management. Journal of Network and Systems Management, 24(1), 57-91.