Determination of different heavy metals concentrations in cosmetics purchased from the Palestinian markets by ICP/MS

Al-Qutob, Mutaz A.
Alatrash, Hiam M.
Abol-Ola, Suhair
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Cosmetic products are a possible source of heavy metal exposure to human beings. This research investigated the content of heavy metals in various types of cosmetics: lipsticks, Kohl (eyeliner), henna (hair dye or temporary tattoo), eye shadows, cream; freckles, moisturizing and foundation, and face powders. Eighteen products of different brands or misbrands cosmetics (expensive and inexpensive) that are found in the Palestinian markets were analyzed to determine the concentrations of thirteen metals (Ba, Pb, Bi, Al, Cr, Mn, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Mo, Ag and Cd) in these products using Inductive Couple Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS). Results showed that two brands of cosmetics have lead content higher than 10 ppm. 50% of the samples contained nickel by more than 5 ppm while one compact powder contained 214.54 ppm. Furthermore, results showed that the concentrations of Cr, Cd and Co are found to be higher than the allowed regulation limits in 69%, 81% and 12.5% of the analyzed samples, respectively. In general, eleven of examined metals were found in 100% of samples. Two heavy metals (Ba and Cd) were found in 94, and 81% of analyzed samples, respectively. Among the different cosmetics products studied, the highest heavy metal contaminations was found in a very cheap brand of lipstick and in a cheap brand of kohl which is used inside the eyes and also in a brand of compact face powder. Additionally, results revealed that 75% of the cosmetics contained more than five parts per million of at least one of lead, cobalt, nickel, and chromium, and that 100% of the products contained more than one part per million of at least one of those metals. Our findings call for an instant mandatory regular testing program to check lead, cadmium, cobalt and other toxic heavy metals in cosmetic products imported to Palestine in order to limit their overabundance and protect consumer health.
heavy metals , cosmetics , Palestinian markets , ICP-MS
Al-Qutob M., Alatrash H. M., Abol-Ola S., 2013 Determination of different heavy metals concentrations in cosmetics purchased from the Palestinian markets by ICP/MS. AES Bioflux 5(3):287-293.