Design and Analysis of Compact MIMO Antenna for UWB Applications

Zafer, Watan
Kouali, Mohammad
Balalem, Atallah
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ICPET 2019 Conference
The need to produce light weight and cheap components and devices has been the driving force for macroelectronics. Electronics that can be stretched has recently attracted considerable attention. In this work a design of printed rectangular monopole antenna for Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) applications is presented. High-frequency structure simulator (HFSS) is used to design the printed antenna is to achieve the best reflection coefficient. Moreover, the stretching effect on the antenna response is studied along x-axis and yaxis. Also, compact UWB Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) antennas are proposed. In order to enhance impedance matching and improve the isolation, each UWB MIMO antenna which consists of two comparable monopole elements is proposed with different stubs on the ground plane; the first one is a vertical slotted stub and the other is a ground slotted stub ended with a rectangular loop. The reflection coefficient, mutual coupling, peak gain and radiation patterns have been analysed. The obtained results show that the impedance bandwidth of the antenna is from 3–15 GHz, less than -25 dB mutual coupling between the two ports. The size of the designed antenna is 32 × 18 􀢓􀢓􀫛. As a result, it can be noticed that the proposed antenna is appropriate for UWB MIMO systems.
Monopole antenna , Ultra-Wide band Multiple- Input Multiple-Output antenna , stretchable material , Microstrip Antennas