Justification of Urgent Brain Computed Tomography Scan Examinations In The Palestinian Government Hospitals

Anas Yahya issa Hamad Nazzal
أنس يحيى عيسى حمد نزال
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Al-Quds University
Emergency departments may need valuable imaging tools such as CT scans, especially in cases of minor head injury. However, they can cause unnecessary radiation risk to patients and can have a high-cost burden if used improperly. The purpose of this study is to assess the use of CT scans in Palestinian public hospitals. A multi-center descriptive cross-sectional analytical design was carefully chosen for achieving the study objectives. A questionnaire survey was also administered to physicians in government hospitals in order to know that to which extent physicians at the emergency departments have the basic knowledge for ordering CT scans. Data was collected by emergency physicians or residents in the hospitals. The study took place in Darwish Nazzal Hospital, Al Hussein Hospital, and Palestine Medical Complex that were in different areas of Palestine. SPSS v25 was used to list frequencies and analyze the collected data by the use of tests. 40% of doctors in the hospitals ordered CT scans with no guideline to depend on. Patients' complaints were compared with international guidelines, the unjustified value was about 41.8% of patients who came to the emergency department. As a result of that, many of the physicians need to be educated on international guidelines about CT scan requirements and the radiation dose from CT scans