The difficulties encountering (facing) the integration of students with disabilities in regular classes from the point of view of teachers in Bethlehem

Abu Heran, Namti Adnan
Abukhayran, Ashraf. M. H.
Segovia, Jesús Domingo
García, Purificación Pérez
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Arab Journal for Scientific Publishing (AJSP)
The study aims to identify the difficulties and challenges encounters the integrating students with disabilities in the regular’s classes in Bethlehem from the point of view of teacher, according to each of the following factors (Gender, Academic Qualifications, Years of Experience, The Supervising Authority, School Site, Indicate the type of students’ disabilities in your class, and the Grades) and recognise teachers’ perceptions regarding the most significant difficulties encountered the integrating students with disabilities into regular classes in Bethlehem distract. In particular, perspectives of the current situation and the ideal scenario were obtained. A descriptive methodology was utilised, and the parameters of reliability and validity were applied to the elaboration of a survey. The results were organised in accordance with the topics addressed by teachers’ opinions, which included students, teachers, parents, schools, curriculum, extracurricular activities, classroom management, teaching methodology, and awareness and attitude.
Integration , Students with disabilities , Difficulties